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Tuesday, April 1

Thrash Zone Ohanami

On Sunday, I went to The Thrash Zone Ohanami. It was a cherry blossom party, held at a nice park near Futamatagawa Station in Yokohama. The sakura were beautiful, the beer was great (but it ran out just before the end!) and the people were fantastic. Japanese people are always very friendly but this group of friends were even more friendly (maybe the fact that everyone was drunk helped).I took a few pictures and I made a slideshow on Picassa.
Click below, on the master (owner/manager/barman) of The Thrash zone to see the slideshow:
The food was very good and complimented the beer very well.We were lucky enough to have some special pork from the South of Japan. The pigs were originally from somewhere in England, I think. The pork was expensive and not easy to find and I thought it tasted very delicious.
The beers were mainly Ozenoyukidoke Weissen and IPA. There was a nice fruity and bitter Nagahama Ale and I heard there was a Yokohama Pilsner but as I arrived very late, I didn't get to drink that. Also there was supposed to be a special Ozenoyukidoke IPA (made just for the Thrash Zone) but I never saw that, either. I have a theory that someone took the keg home before the end. Hmm...
Unfortunately, I couldn't try the pilsner or the Ozeno IPA.
The cost was 5000yen and because I only got to drink 2 styles of beer instead of the promised 4 or 5, I think it was a bit too expensive. The food was nice but I didn't get to eat much. But the company was wonderful and the blossoms were perfect. also, the weather held out and it didn't rain (as the forecast had said it was going to) until the end of the party, so that wasn't so bad.
All in all, I had a very good time. It was expensive for what I had but I made some new friends and I enjoyed myself.
Here's a small video selection I made of the party:

I look forward to returning to The Thrash Zone again and meeting some of my new friends.
If you have the chance, why don't you visit this lovely friendly little bar in Yokohama? The beer is good and so is the company!

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