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Tuesday, April 15

Your mishun, Chuwy...hic!...if...if you choosh to akshept it... this weekend, to find and drink Yaho Brewing's seasonal ESB!
...may the forsh be with you... ....hic!


Well, I did it.

My attempt to 'grab a quick one' on the way home at McCanns bar in musashi kopusugi ended in dismal and bamboozling failure, as I learned that jsut hours before my arrival, the barrel had ran dry.
Still, the Bearen chocolate stout they had on in replacement was perhaps some form of compensation. Very nice.
A day or two later, I eventually found a bar that had Yaho ESB on tap.
I used my boozelist blog to find it.
I ventured out far into Tokyo to Beer Bar Bachus and had my Yaho ESB!
And it was good!
6% alc and a slight bite to it. Mild, smooth taste. Quite a lot like the stuff back home. I liked it but I didn't luuuuurv it.

Nectar of the Gods? Mead of the cherubs?Not sure if I'd go that far, but it wasn't half bad.

I enjoyed it so much that I ventured back into Shibuya a few days later and had another one at the Aldgate. For some reason, I had forgotten that Yaho Brewing was also Karuizawa Kogen beer. It wasn't until after I'd travelled all the way to Bachus that I realised this. Shibuya is far closer to me. nuts! Never mind, I went to the Aldgate and had a Karuizawa Kogen ESB:I enjoyed this, whilst talking with Mr.S (one of the foremost beer connoisseurs and writers/drinkers/bar hunters in Japan) and also waiting for a Mr.E (also quite the connoisseur and writer/drinker/bar hunter himself, as well as the organiser of a very large beer appreciation group) to join me for a little bar expedition.

Very nice.

Now, it's Sunday, April 20th.
Took a drive out past Yokohama city (I wasn't driving, by the way) and couldn't resist and another ESB. This time one form the old country:Nice beer.

Now at home, and what a suprise, it's time for another ESB!
This time in the can (thanks to Mr.S for remindig me that World Porters in Yokohama has a Karuizawa kogen beer section).
I thought I'd finish as I'd started, with a can of Yaho ESB in a glass:Yaho ESB 6.5/10


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