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Saturday, October 21

Oh, man, what do I do with my bottles?

As you may know, I sometimes drink the odd bottle of beer...or seven.
I also like to collect bottles of beers that I considered deeeeeeeelicious!

This presents me with a certain dilemma.
You see, I now have over 400 bottles in my little home.

I've tried sorting through them and throwing as many out as I can bear, but I'm still left with a few hundred.
My next problem was how to display them.
I thought about buying some display cabinet or shelving, but everything was way too expensive and wasn't quite what I wanted.

I also thought about making my own display unit. But that too was too expensive (welcome to Japan) and would be too time intensive (taking away precious drinking time).

Eventually, by chance, I saw some shoe racks for sale, at my local supermarket.
Hey, that could make a nice display for my bottles!!
I checked the price. The price was good.
Next, I went home and returned with some beer bottles, to test the rack out.
I'm sure the poeple there thought I was crazy, balancing empty beer bottles on a shoe rack.
They fit perfectly!!
I took the 2 racks they had and ordered 4 more (now, when I go back to the supermarket, I see they have a big stock of unsold shoe racks - they must have thought "Hey, these racks are selling well! They ust be really popular! We'll order extra racks!!").

Well, here's an early photo of some of my bottles, arranged on the racks.
Don't you agree, it's a good way to display them? On shoe racks!

But now I was left with was just where to put these damn shoe racks full of beer bottles...

I tried putting a rack in the entrance way.
Still, I had 5 more racks to go.

How about the toilet?
No, maybe not enough space in there for all the racks.
Need another place...

THe shower unit (that needs cleaning!)?

No, they'll just get wet and it's in my way.

In the bathtub?
What if I want to have a bath?

How about in my futon?
But that's no good, either!
What happens when I want to go to sleep?

Hmm... ...dilemma.

The saga continues...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey chris you just need to buy a photo album and take off all the labels off the bottles and then put the labels in your photo album and then you can recycle the glass which after all is what is taking up all the room and anyway the bottles are empty!

6:04 am


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